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*Get the ABSOLUTEBEST Prices & Selection on/of AUTHENTIC African & AfricanInspired Clothing, Apparel, Jewelry, Personal Care Products, Cultural Items; Visas & Passports; Business & Income Opportunities; B2B & B2C Services; and MUCHMORE!!!



Who We Are…

The African-Marketplace is a major wholesaler & retailer with the largest supplier of African products in the US. We supply over 2,000 wholesale customers with African clothing, artwork, musical instruments, jewelry, oils, soaps, and personal care products.
The business was started in 2010. Since the first year, the business has been operated by the founder, Geoffrey Kamau (‘Geff‘) Olufemi his family, and by one office person.
Most of this period of time was spent learning about the market for African goods, and developing a base of reliable suppliers.
Geoffrey Kamau (‘Geff‘) Olufemi, spent the first year traveling the U.S. and Africa; visiting African stores; exhibiting goods in trade shows; and building a base of customers. During this period, he learned many things that help make an African business successful. Sources for the most popular products were established, and he has also worked with many of his customers to discover the best ways to sell African products: both for them and for The African-Marketplace.

About olufemibiz

I am a Congolese-American ordained minister, business owner and global entrepreneur. Olufemi Business Enterprises (OlufemiBiz) is the most complete full-service african products, income opportunities, marketing, global travel, and b2b & b2c resource on the planet. Go to our Main Website, at: www.GKOlufemi.com.
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