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I am a Congolese-American ordained minister, business owner and global entrepreneur. Olufemi Business Enterprises (OlufemiBiz) is the most complete full-service african products, income opportunities, marketing, global travel, and b2b & b2c resource on the planet. Go to our Main Website, at:

Olufemi Business Enterprises

*Get the ABSOLUTE–BEST Prices & Selection on/of AUTHENTIC African & African–Inspired Clothing, Apparel, Jewelry, Personal Care Products, Cultural Items; Visas & Passports; Business & Income Opportunities; B2B & B2C Services; and MUCH–MORE!!!   The AFRICAN-MARKETPLACE (OlufemiBiz) We are GLOBAL Purveyors of Authentic AFRICAN & AFRICAN -Inspired / AFRICAN-American / RASTAFARI / HBCU / … Continue reading

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